Jessica Galbreth Zodiac Signs Fairy Collection
Zodiac fantasy fairies by fairy artist Jessica Galbreth are ready to delight you.  The Zodiac fairies pictured with information and horoscope trivia for their zodiac sign.  What's your zodiac sign fairy? 



Jessica Galbreth, painter of myth, magic and enchantment, and creator of the Zodiac Signs Fairies, is one of today's most beloved fantasy fairies artists.

"Even as a little girl, I loved all types of fantasy art. Over the years, I filled countless drawing pads with my own fantasy renditions: unicorns, fairies, dragons, mermaids and the like. To this day, I still get that old familiar rush of excitement when I look at a beautiful fantasy painting. It is this incredible exhilaration that keeps me painting my own creations in hopes that I too can evoke these feelings in the hearts and minds of others. I can't tell you how it makes my heart sing when I hear from others who tell me how my art has touched them in a special way.

I am inspired by many things...Mother Earth and all her beauty, with all of her faeries and nature spirits, the glorious moon above with all her mysteries, the twining vines and twisted trees of the forest, the twinkle in my little girl's eyes as she discovers the world around her, and most of all, by the magic that exists in even the smallest things.
Each painting is like a wonderful journey for me, and I never know just where it will take me in the end."
-Jessica Galbreth 

Want to know more about Zodiac signs?
Click on a fairy in the Jessica Galbreth Zodiac Signs Fairies Collection,
for information about her sign of the Zodiac and a larger image.
Jessica Galbreth Zodiac Signs Fairy

purchase price $21.50 each
Zodiac Fairies are made of polystone and are approximately 5" in height.

fantasy fairies of the zodiac signs by jessica galbreth
Zodiac Signs - Capricorn Fairy
December 23 - January 20 
The Goat
fantasy fairies of the zodiac signs by jessica galbreth
Zodiac Signs - Aquarius Fairy
January 21 - February 19 
The Water Carrier
fantasy fairies of the zodiac signs by jessica galbreth
Zodiac Signs - Pisces Fairy
February 20- March 20 
The Fishes

Zodiac Signs - Aries Fairy
March 21 - April 20 
The Ram

Zodiac Signs - Taurus Fairy
April 21 - May 21 
The Bull

Zodiac Signs - Gemini Fairy
May 22 - June 21 
The Twins

Zodiac Signs - Cancer Fairy
June 22 - July 22 
The Crab 

Zodiac Signs - Leo Fairy
July 23 -August 21 
The Lion

Zodiac Signs - Virgo Fairy
August 22 - September 23 
The Virgin 
fantasy fairies of the zodiac signs by jessica galbreth
Zodiac Signs - Libra Fairy
September 24 - October 23
The Scales 

Zodiac Signs - Scorpio Fairy
October 24 - November 22 
The Scorpion

Zodiac Signs - Sagittarius Fairy
November 23 - December 22 
The Archer
Zodiac Display Base
Approximately 3-1/4 x 3-1/4 x 1-1/4
$10.00 each


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