Nene Thomas Fairies - Fantasy Couture Fairy Collection 
Nene Thomas fairies are created to reflect Nene Thomas' attention to detail and magic. The fairy figurines are intricately crafted and hand painted.



Nene Thomas Dragons

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Nene Thomas Art for your home or garden.


Anime Fantasy Fairies Moon Fairies

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Nene Thomas began her professional career in 1994 with Wizards of the Coast (the makers of the collectible card game “Magic: the Gathering”).

After two years of producing art for other companies, Nene decided that it was time to paint the things that she wanted to paint. The freedom from deadlines and art direction allowed her to find her own path, and her art style became more and more distinctive with every painting.

Although Nene is known best for her work with watercolors, she has very recently begun to expand her artistic horizons and experiment with other media. No matter what media is used, the core elements of her art remain constant: graceful, elegant characters in striking settings.

Nene’s greatest artistic ambition is to be able to perfectly capture an image that she has in her mind’s eye on paper.
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