Fairy Ring Dance
Entering the realm of the fairies, the enchantment of fairy music and fairy laughter can be dangerous.




Humankind has long been fascinated by a phenomena called the Fairy Ring. Following is one interpretation of their creation and the magic that is held there.

In the light of the moon with a soft breeze blowing through the trees and flowers, if you are very quiet and cautious, you may witness the fairies laughing and dancing in a small clearing. You may have seen the circles they leave in the grass from their joyful dancing. Do not go in search of the fairy dance alone for their magic is powerful.

The enchantment of fairy music and laughter is well know to draw passersby toward the Fairy Ring, and should you join in the merriment of the dancing by stepping into their ring you may be led forever into the world of Faerie. The Fairy Dance may seem to last only a short while - a few minutes, an hour or two, or a whole night - but in reality the normal length of the dance could be seven years by our time and perhaps longer.

Attempting to rescue a friend from the Fairy Ring is difficult. A captive can be rescued by following the faerie music while others hold firmly to the rescuer’s clothing, reaching into the ring (keep one foot firmly outside the circle) and pull the captive dancer out.

The enchantment of the fairy music and dance is overpoweringly beautiful as are the fairies themselves. It is perhaps best to enjoy the presence of fairies without joining them.


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