garden fairy Fairy Garden - Fairies Folklore, Facts and Pictures
Explore the world of fairies through fairy pictures, fairy tales and fairy folklore. Discover how to create a fairy garden to attract fairies by planting a magic fairy garden with fairy flowers and trees that will be sure to delight fairies. Learn how to enter the realm of the fairies with the fairy lore we have gathered for you about fairy ring dances and fairy garden tips.



Gardenfairy and her fairies have flown to the far reaches of the fairy realm to collect fairies folklore, fairy tales and facts and lots of fairy pictures just for you...  Enjoy.


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A Guide to Attracting Fairies to your Fairy Garden
Attracting fairies to your fairy garden is not an easy task, the fairies offer you tips to plant a fairy garden and fill it with magic to delight fairy visitors.

fairy garden
Fairy Plant Facts & Fairy Folklore
More tips from the garden fairies to plant a fairy garden and encourage fairies to visit your fairy garden.

fairy garden
The Fairy Garden by Diana Greenwood
Garden fairies love rhymes and poetry. It is with great pleasure that the faeries offer Diana's enchanting fairy poem.

fantasy fairies
Entering the Realm of Fairies
Entering the realm of the fairies, the enchantment of fairy music and fairy laughter can be dangerous...

fairy pictures
An ever-growing collection of fairy pictures
For centuries fairies have been captured in art and poem. We offer you some fairy pictures and fairy art with inspirational quotes, poems and fairy music.

fairy tales
A poem to summon fairies
Garden fairies may be called in many ways, from fairy tales we offer you a fairy poem to summon a fairy.

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Fairy Coloring Book and Coloring Pages
Children of all ages will enjoy these fairy picture coloring pages and please look at the coloring book gallery.  Children from around the world may email their coloring page to the fairies to have it included in the fairy coloring book gallery.

Magic Wish Fairy
This little wish fairy will take your wish and help you make it come true but she will want to know what you love about Summer!

A Fairy Party!
Garden Fairy and her fairy friends are pleased to give you the instructions for making a beautiful fairy card and lovely fairy flower plate to make for a fairy birthday party... or just a wonderful fairy tea! 


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