Enchanted Fairy Flower Garden - How to Attract Fairies
Attracting fairies to your garden is not an easy task... here are a few suggestions that will increase your chances.


enchanted garden - attracting fairies

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When the first baby laughed for the first time, 
the laugh broke into a thousand pieces 
and they all went skipping about, 
and that was the beginning of fairies.

by Sir James M. Barrie
Peter Pan


Fairy Flowers


When you plant an enchanted garden for attracting fairies, you will undoubtedly attract some other friends to your fairy garden with birdhouses, bird baths, bird feeders and hummingbird feeders. Fairies seem to enjoy the same habitat that butterflies love, so plant flowers, plants and herbs that attract hummingbirds, butterflies and bees.attracting fairies

When planning your enchanted garden, many plants attract butterflies and fairies... some of the fairies favorite flowers are sunflower, honeysuckle, fernleaf yarrow, summer lilac, red valerian, daisies, cosmos, rosemary, thyme, purple coneflower, pincushion scabiosa, french lavender and heliotrope. (See also Flowers that Attract Fairies). Plant pansies, snapdragons, blue columbine, foxglove (foxglove, meaning “Folk’s glove” is used for gloves and hats), tulips (tulips are good for clothing and for their babes beds), butterfly, nasturtiums and a long list of other favorites to attract hummingbirds and garden fairies . They love fruit trees such as apple, cherry or pear.  They like to use the blossoms for clothing and for spring festivities.

If you happen to live near a stream, you are probably lucky enough to have water fairies in your enchanted garden. Fairies and water sprites love the sights and sounds of water. If you don’t have a stream, building a water garden is just as good. Consider adding a small fountain, water fountain, low bird bath, waterfall or fishpond to attract fairies. Focus on the area around the water garden and work your way out from there.  Garden statues of fairies will also help attract the wee ones. Shiny wind chimes, gazing globes and colorful garden flags can help you entice gnomes and elves to add their presence. 

Perhaps you're lucky and have an oak tree in your enchanted garden for attracting fairies... if not, consider planting an oak tree! Fairies cherish the Great Oak and use the acorns for decoration, celebrations and use the tops for hats. Magic oak leaves are used in the autumn celebrations. Hundreds of faeries have been found to live in the oldest Oaks. There are fairies to be found in every Oak tree. The health and energy of the surrounding fairy garden plays a major role in determining how many fairies actually live in the Great Oak. Try placing crystals in the ground surrounding the Great Oak if you feel that the energy needs lifting.enchanted garden  - fairy garden

Don’t forget that the wee ones are nature loving and enjoy their fun. When attracting fairies into your garden keep it clear of weeds and slugs, although a small patch that is unkempt or planted with wildflowers is fine, so plan to leave part of your garden a bit unkempt. This small area will make fairies feel welcomed. It doesn’t have to be a very large space, but having this one little space will give joy to your fairy friends.

The final step is attracting fairies to come to your garden is very simple. Ask them. If you give conscious energy to this event, it will happen. Believe.


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