Amy Brown Fairy Divas« - Seasons
Each Fairy Diva« has been created to reflect Amy Brown's attention to detail and magic - intricately crafted and hand painted.áThe Season Collection includes the spring fairy diva, summer fairy diva, autumn fairy diva and winter fairy diva.



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The Fairy Divas« are cast from polystone and hand painted vibrantly in a vast number of shades and hues. Fairy Divas range in height and with from 4-1/2" to 5".

Individually gift boxed, the small free-flying fairies are packaged in a molded insert to keep the fairy safe with a clear window for viewing the fairy through the pictorial gift box.

Fairy Diva« ornaments have a fine gold cord for hanging and a detachable gold wire for displaying your Diva in a plant or basket or in the garden.

The Seasons Fairy Diva« purchase price $21.50 each
Add a packet of Fairy Dust to your order at no additional shipping cost!


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