Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker - White Bindweed Fairy

O long long stems that twine!
O buds, so neatly furled!
O great white bells of mine,

(None purer in the world)
Each lasting but one day!
O leafy garlands, hung
In wreaths beside the way-
Well may your praise be sung!

 Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker - White Bindweed Fairy

White Bindweed

or Bush Morning Glory

(convolvulus cneorum)

Named white bindweed because of the way it's tiny creepers bind around anything growing near this delicate flower, it is a perennial with flowers like morning glories.  The flowers stay open all day and usually open in succession over a long flowering season.  Native to Mediterranean Europe, these are easily grown plants in most soils and spots in the garden.  Cut back after flowering to promote thicker growth and propagate from cuttings. Free to grow in the wild it is quite beautiful. The white flowers resemble the morning glory as do the leaves except the bindweeds' leaves are thinner and more pointed. In early growth the leaves are the only way to tell the two apart. The bindweed far surpasses the morning glory in growth rate and it flourished in the same growing conditions. The bindweed intermingles with and chokes out the morning glory. It also gets tangled up in every plant, bush, and growing structure in the garden, and races across flat ground. It likes everything from full sun to complete shade. 

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