Cicely Mary Barker's Heliotrope Fairy

Heliotrope's my name; and why
People call me "Cherry Pie",
That I really do not know;
But perhaps they call me so,
'Cause I give them such a treat,
Just like something nice to eat.
For my scent-O come and smell it!
How can words describe or tell it?
And my buds and flowers, see,
Soft and rich and velvety-
Deepest purple first, that fades
To the palest lilac shades.
Well-beloved, I know, am I-
Heliotrope, or Cherry Pie!



also called Cherry Pie (heliotropium)


Heliotrope grows wild in subtropical and cooler climates and is a native to South America. The clusters of flowers can be purple, blue, white or yellow and have an wonderful scent that reminds some people of the smell of cherry pie.  The flowers appear in summer and are attractive to butterflies.

It prefers moist, well-drained, moderately fertile soil.  Cutting plants back by about half in early spring promotes business.  Propagate from seed in spring or cuttings in early autumn.

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