Cicely Mary Barker's Cornflower Fairy

'Mid scarlet of poppies and gold of the corn,
In wide-spreading fields were the Cornflowers born;
But now I look round me, and what do I see? 
That lilies and roses are neighbours to me!
There's a beautiful lawn, there are borders and beds, 
Where all kinds of flowers raise delicate heads;
For this is a garden, and here, a Boy Blue,
I live and am merry the whole summer through.
My blue is the blue that I always have worn,
And still I remember the poppies and corn.



Cornflower also known as bachelor's button or blue-bottle (Centaurea cyanus)


One of the best known wildflowers of Europe and northern Asia, cornflower will flower for months if deadheads are removed regularly.  They grow well in well-drained soil in full sun.  Propagate from seed in spring or autumn.


Cornflower is used in French herbal medicine as a remedy for the eyes - a strained infusion is used as an eyewash and the petals applied as a poultice.  The seeds have been used as a mild laxative for children.


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