Cicely Mary Barker's Canterbury Bell Flower Fairy

Bells that ring from ancient towers-
Canterbury Bells-
Give their name to summer flowers-
Canterbury Bells!
Do the flower-fairies, playing,
Know what those great bells are saying?
Fairy, in your purple hat,
Little fairy, tell us that!

"Naught I know of bells in towers-
Canterbury Bells!
Mine are pink or purple flowers-
Canterbury Bells!
When I set them all a-swaying,
Something, too, my bells are saying,
Can't you hear them--ding-dong- ding--
Calling fairy-folk to sing?"


Canterbury Bell (campanula medium) 

The Canterbury Bell is a biennial variety of campanula from southern Europe. They prefer full sun but will tolerate some shade.  Seed  may be sown in May through June.


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