Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker - Apple Blossom Flower Fairy

Up in a tree we see you, blossom babies,
All pink and white;
We think there must be fairies to protect you
From frost and blight,
Until, some windy day, in drifts of petals,
You take your flight.

You'll fly away!
But if we wait with patience,
Some day we'll find
Here, in your place,
Full grown and ripe, the apples,
You left behind   
A goodly gift indeed, from blossom babies
To human-kind!


 Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker - Apple Blossom Flower Fairy

Height 3-1/2 inches

ABOUT THE APPLE (malus domestica)

Some historians report the apple's origins were rooted in Southwestern Asia, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. This wild apple would never have made it to our tables in its original form. The wild trees produced hundreds of tiny fruits that were sour and consisted mostly of numerous, small, dark brown seeds and core, hardly a fruit that anyone would anticipate eating. The wild apple of Europe is the main ancestor of the domestic apple. Historians dispute exactly who first cultivated the wild apple, many believing it was the Romans who discovered they could cultivate these wild apples into fleshy, sweet, and juicy fruits. Our domestic apples, malus domestica, are a hybrid combination of malus pumila, malus sylvestris, and malus mitis.


Apples are one of the most popular fruits in the world. There are currently at least 7,500 varieties that vary in shape, color, texture, firmness, crispness, acidity, juiciness, sweetness, nutritional value, and harvesting period.

Apples have been thought to possess magical qualities and even aphrodisiac powers. An ancient Greek who wanted to propose to a woman would only have to toss her an apple. If she caught it, he knew she had accepted his offer. During medieval times a man who ate an apple that was steeped in the perspiration of the woman he loved was very likely to succeed in the relationship.


To produce a bountiful apple crop, villagers of Medieval England would select the largest apple tree in the orchard and hang cider-soaked pieces of toast on its branches to attract robins. Robins were considered the good spirits of the tree. Then the people would gather throughout the orchard making loud noises to drive away the evil spirits. After driving away the evil spirits cider was poured over the tree's roots. Cider was poured all around and merriment followed with dancing around the tree chanting ancient charms.


Green apples act as a liver and gall bladder cleanser and may aid in softening gallstones. Because of their high water content, apples are cooling and moistening and aid in reducing fever. Simply grate them and serve them to feverish patients. Steamed apples sweetened with honey are beneficial for a dry cough and may help to remove mucous from the lungs.

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