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Fantasy Fairies Delites
Fantasy fairies that are bendable fairies.  Posable fairies are great for Christmas Tree ornaments, added to the top of a special gift or as a special gift for lovers of fairies!


  Fantasy Fairies Delite. Fairies that are posable and bendable!! Perfect for so many occasions and uses.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to place fairies all around the room - or tucked into the bow of a package - or dancing from a curtain rod... the possibilities are endless.  Each fairy is approximately 5" tall.  October 15, 2008 - these fairies have been retired and we only have a small supply of two Holiday Fairies left - the fairy friends are very sad.

Note from Gardenfairy Ann... these pictures do not show how wonderful these fairies are in person!  The craftsmanship and detail is fantastic.  They would make wonderful Christmas tree ornaments... my little neighbor Olivia thinks it would be beautiful to have a whole tree full of these fairies!  Or make little fairy houses and give these beautiful fairies a home!

Holiday Fairies
Glitter and gold sparkle in the bendable, posable fairies of this series.

I was lucky to get some of these before they stopped making them!

$15.00 each

Will not be available before Christmas    

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